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Svensk Språkvård was founded in 2000 and works in an international market within many different lines of business. I can offer you help with translations from English to Swedish, and I have a vast experience in many different CAT tools. My special translation fields are IT, marketing, EU and technical information, but I also have a broad experience in several other subject fields. I tend to avoid legal and medical translations though, and I don't offer proofreading, reviewing etc. I also have several years of experience from MTPE (Machine Translation Post Editing).


Svensk Språkvård i Kalmar AB
Att: Anna Kernell Knutsson
Östra Vallgatan 5
SE-392 31 Kalmar



Member of the Swedish Association of Professional Translators - SFÖ.


Some of my customers are (and has been):


Ahr Info, France
Alcuin Translations, Sweden
A.M. TRANSlation Services, Germany
Andovar, Singapore
APT Transtelex, United Kingdom
CBG, Poland
Comtec Translations, United Kingdom
Compass Languages, USA
Cosmic, India
CPSL, Spain
Creative Culture, United Kingdom
Dtech, Denmark
Elanex, United Kingdom
Ecrivus, Netherlands
Foreign Language Services, United Kingdom
Inter-Set, Norway, Denmark and Sweden
Intertranslations, Greece
iTrad, Italy
La Traduzione, Italy
Lexcelera, France
Lingo Languages, Finland
Lingsoft, Finland
Lionbridge Sweden
LocAtHeart, Poland
Mølgaard & Nielsen, Denmark
New Market Translations, USA
Noomus, Finland
Nordtext, Lithuania
Omnia, Italy
OnePlanet, USA
STP (Sandberg Translation Partners), United Kingdom
SDL, Norway and Sweden
Stratcore, Sweden
Tag Worldwide, USA
TextAppeal, United Kingdom
Transcript, Germany
Translator Scandinavia, Sweden
TransPerfect, Spain
TLT Documents, Denmark and Sweden
Tranflex, Sweden
Translators USA
Wordbank, United Kingdom
Worldwriters, United Kingdom
Write Right, Sweden


Avenir Law Partners, Russia
(translation of web pages)

Boschman Technologies, The Netherlands
(translation of technical operating manuals for Ericsson)

TDC Dotcom, Sweden
(copywriting and editing of specifications, translation of agreements)

Mimass, Sweden
(translation of medical and beauty related marketing material)

Lawson/Intentia, Sweden
(translation and editing of annual and quarterly reports, press releases etc.)

Saab, Sweden
(translation of web pages)

Telenordia, Sweden
(translation of user manuals for software)

UGS, Sweden and Great Britain
(translation of press releases, marketing texts and product specifications of Solid Edge etc.)

Vegem, Great Britain
(translation of automotive glossaries)